Published on 28/08/2018


Purcell & Woodcock, created to bring everyday luxury into our homes, continue to use our families’ history as inspiration for our latest collection of candles and diffusers. The Eckersley Collection is a range of four elegant and invigorating fragrances, presented in fine bone china, that has a distinctive fresh green trellis pattern and gold accents.

The green and white design was inspired by a gold-rimmed tea-set that belonged to the great grandmother of Gina, Purcell & Woodcock’s co-founder. The tea-set is a treasured heirloom and has been passed from mother to daughter in Gina’s family for four generations.

Like all “good china”, Eckersley would not be complete without a touch of gold. 2018 is a significant year for Purcell & Woodcock with a golden wedding anniversary being celebrated within the family so it’s a wonderful opportunity to use the gold rim of the Eckersley candle and gold cap of the diffuser as symbols of the golden wedding bands exchanged fifty years ago and still worn with love today. 

Steeped in family heritage, The Eckersley Collection offers four invigorating fragrances all evoked from fragrance memories within the family heritage: vibrant Lemongrass & White Cedar, stimulating Black Pepper & Bergamot, fresh Sea Moss & Cool Mint and the subtle Bergamot & Burnt Orange.  A selection of fragrances to lift the senses in any room, or to delight and surprise as the perfect gift.

The Eckersley Collection candles are hand poured with a refined blend of beeswax, rapeseed and soy wax, ensuring a “clean burn” and extended burn times of up to 75 hours. Once the candle has burned out, the fine bone china candle holder, with its timeless pattern, can be reused to store makeup brushes on the dressing table, pens on the office desk, sugar sachets on your tea tray or as a pretty vase for flowers picked from the garden or bloom from a faded bouquet kept to remember a special occasion.

The candles and diffusers are infused with their fragrance by using the highest-grade oils and essence distillations to give them fragrance depth and longevity. A quality standard that Purcell & Woodcock insist on for our customers.