The Eckersley Collection was inspired by a treasured family teaset passed through four generations, with the gold cap on the diffuser reflecting a golden anniversary, both treasured memories within the Purcell & Woodcock family heritage.


Each 200ml Diffuser is handblended with a renewable base, all ethically sourced and refined from a sustainable source, blended with our fragrance combinations to make the perfect scent. 

Fragrances available:

Lemongrass & White Cedar:  An exhilarating fragrance bursting with mouth-watering lemongrass and lush white cedar.  A vibrant fragrance, it will delight and surprise you with it’s heavenly aroma.

Black Pepper & Bergamot:  A warm woody fragrance bursting with incredible energy.  A blend of black pepper, cardamom and bergamot, softened with orange blossom and jasmine.  A luxurious deep fragrance, it will uplift your soul and add a touch of romance to your home.

Sea Moss & Cool Mint:  A refreshing fragrance opens with a wave of cool mint, geranium and sea moss.  It will wrap you in its aquatic embrace and comfort you with its purifying aroma.

Bergamot & Burnt Orange:  A warm and energetic fragrance with vibrant notes of burnt orange, bergamot and fresh fig.  An enchanting fragrance, it will wash over you and embrace you with its addictive aroma.

Each Eckersley Collection Diffuser is beautifully presented within our handmade signature gift box, making it an instant gift guaranteed to be loved by someone special.

Each 200ml Diffuser will subtly fragrance your home for up to 18 weeks.  Please read our diffuser care guidelines to maximise the fragrance throw of your diffuser.

Perfect Place:  Living Room, Bathroom, Hallway


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