Our collection of luxury grey candles are each lovingly hand poured using a pure soya wax and each intricately blended fragrance has been carefully selected to evoke special memories from the combined Purcell & Woodcock families. We constantly strive to source the purest ingredients to ensure each customer feels joy, warmth and calm on its burning.

Available in the following fragrances:

NEW! Pink Pomelo & Grapefruit: This revitalizing fragrance opens with a burst of luscious pink pomelo and juicy grapefruit.  An enlivening fragrance, this zesty burst will energise your soul and refresh your home.

Midnight Pomegranate -  Precious pomegranate seeds permeate this dark, lush, fruity scent with sparkling notes of Citrus, Dewberry and Cassis.  Twisting the green powdery fragrance of its skin around the sweet-tart and winey aroma of the seeds, this deep and mysterious aroma will effortlessly awaken your senses.

Basil Mandarin -  Bursting with ripe citrus mandarin and fresh aromatic basil to refresh and revitalise your soul.   The sexy sweet fragrance will captivate your mind and envelop you in its heavenly aroma.

Fresh Cotton - Capture the comforting scent of freshly laundered cottons. Crisp and understated, the fragrance will invoke a fresh, clean Spring day and will fill your room with a heavenly aroma.

Lavender & Patchouli - Bring the garden into your home with the delicate scent of  Lavender meadows & herbacous Patchouli. The earthiness of patchouli, along with the relaxing lavender combine to offer this fragrant indulgence. Allow the fragrance to release and unwind your senses, infusing an aura of peacefulness to your home.

Fig & Sweet Vanilla- A captivating fragrance combining ripe fruity fig with a hint of sweet vanilla.  A sophisticated and warming scent, it creates a calming impression and will instinctively add an air of luxury and radiance to your home.

Peony Rose & White Jasmin - A refined floral fragrance of white jasmine and dew covered peony roses.  This dainty fragrance will uplift your home with its powder soft and refreshing energy.

Patchouli Noir & Amber - An opulent fragrance combining the finest patchouli with luxuriously intense base blends of blonde woods, incense and ambrette seeds.  This alluring sensual fragrance is guaranteed to add a touch of romance to your home.

Sea Salt & Driftwood - An exhilarating fragrance blend of bergamot, sweet citrus, cedar and green moss. Revitalise your home and let the cool and refreshing aquatic aromas wash over you.

English Orchid & Sweet Blossom - This captivating floral bouquet of precious orchids, red dahlias and soft jasmine, enhanced by fresh citrus and dark  lush cassis and sandalwood. This heavenly fragrance will create a calming ambience in your home.

Blushing Jasmine & Floral Mist - An enchanting fragrance that will evoke memories of a windswept countryside after summer rain and wood fires.  Lively and effervescent, it will unwind your senses and wrap you in its comforting aroma.

Each 250g natural wax candle burns for approximately 60 hours and is presented in our handmade signature gift box.  Please read our candle care guidelines to maximise your candles burn time.

Perfect Place:  Living Room, Kitchen, Hallway


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