Lumiére, the meaning of light, is the new collection from Purcell & Woodcock.  Designed to brighten up your day and remind us all to enjoy the small moments each day brings.

Handmade in Ireland, this new collection is handpoured with a renewable base and eight stunning new signature fragrance blends.

NEW! Ocean Spray: Immerse yourself in this woody, aromatic fragrance. Crisp, cool marine notes will wash over your senses with delicate touches of Bergamot, cedarwood and jasmine. A lively fragrance, sure to infuse your home with a refreshing energy.

NEW! Aphrodite: Fall in love with this sweet and sensual fragrance.  Luscious notes of raspberry, musk and cashere woods leading to delicate tones of rose and jasmin, this powdery fragrance will warm your heart and add a touch of romance to your home.

Bergamot & Sandalwood: A luxurious fragrance bursting with incredible energy.  A blend of crisp bergamot, lifted by cool marine notes with a heart of rich sandalwood.   A rich musky fragrance, it will warm your soul and add a touch of elegance to your home.

 Lemon Verbena: This invigorating fragrance opens with a burst of citrus fruits and crisp greens.  An enlivening fragrance, this warm and fresh burst will energise your soul and refresh your home.

French Lavender: Bring the garden into your home with the delicate scent of French Lavender meadows.  Known for its relaxant properties, let the soothing lavender fragrance release and unwind your senses.

Fresh Linen: Capture the comforting scent of freshly laundered linens.  Crisp and understated, the soft floral fragrance will invoke a fresh, clean Spring day and will fill your room with a heavenly aroma.

Blush Pear & Rose: A romantic fragrance that captures the mouth-watering juiciness of pear with delicate rose and a subtle green freshness. The essence of charm, enliven your senses with this light and pretty fragrance.

Pink Pomegranate: This artfully unique, fresh and fruity fragrance is bursting with Pink pomegranate seeds and Dewberry and Cassis. A warm fragrance, it will uplift your soul and add a touch of romance to your home.

Each 100ml Lumiére Reed Diffuser will give a delicate fragrance throw for up to 12 weeks.


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