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14 Benefits of Burning Candles

Posted on3 Years ago by

Candles offer a unique decorative accent.

You can find all sorts of candles in any colour, shape, size and nowadays in various popular fragrances!

This is mainly related to the fact that many use candles in their homes to create a relaxing ambiance.

Indeed, burning candles are not solely decorative, as they can also offer a myriad of other benefits too.

Read on as we uncover 14 really great benefits of burning candles at home:


  1. Creates an Ambiance
  2. Romance
  3. Celebration
  4. Decoration
  5. Fragrances Your Home
  6. Health Benefits
  7. Prayer & Remembrance
  8. Meditation & Relaxation
  9. Improves Focus
  10. Improves Mood
  11. Improves Sleep
  12. Evokes Positive Memories
  13. Relieves Stress
  14. Creates Fun Rituals
  15. Conclusion

Creates an Ambiance

Holding Candle in the Dark

If you want a really tranquil and relaxing setting, a few candles can do the trick.

Placing candles in some key places in your home can create a really cosy ambiance, making the room warmer and more welcoming too.

It may sound simple, but if you try to sit back and relax next to a burning candle, you will surely start feeling calmer within just a few moments.

Watch the flame, breathe in the aroma of the candle, and breathe slowly.

You will feel all your stress and anxiety fade away in no time!

Nowadays the vast majority of people lead hectic lifestyles and it is important to try to find ways and means how to relieve stress and anxiety.

Burning a candle is a simple thing to do, and yet the power of the tranquil ambiance that it creates is very strong.

Just imagine getting back home after a long, hard day at work, and finding a few candles lit up by your partner.

You will surely feel a welcoming and relaxing atmosphere that will instantly take your mind off your troubles and problems you had to deal with at work.


Couple in Romantic Candle Lit Room

Since burning candles are able to create a really relaxing ambiance, they are ideal for romantic occasions when you want to achieve that unique setting.

A candle in the middle of the table as you have dinner, and a few burning candles dispersed here and there in the bedroom and bathroom will work wonders.

And it is not only about the dim light that candles create in the room, but also about the aromas and fragrances that you can experiment with.

Scented candles are great if you want to invigorate the senses and help you focus on your partner and your romantic evening together!


Candles Decorating Festive Dinner Table

If you are organising an event to celebrate a special occasion, you should make sure to use candles to decorate the venue.

Choose candles that can complement the rest of the decor.

Some scented candles at the entrance and in key places will help to create a pleasant ambiance.

You may also wish to consider choosing candles as care package gifts to celebrate special occasions.

There are so many beautifully packaged candles that you can choose from these days that the sky’s the limit!

And often candles make for a perfect gift idea in case you are at a loss as to what to buy!


Multicoloured Candles

Candles are simple yet stylish decor options.

They add a unique finishing touch to a room, and many people love shopping around for different candles to decorate various rooms in their house.

Since the candles you can find for sale range in size, shape and colour, you will be spoilt for choice as you shop around for candles for your home.

Candles add softness to a room, and they can complement the style as well as the colour scheme of the particular room.

They can help you accentuate the style and colour of a room and once you light up the candles, the atmosphere in the room will be simply beautiful.

Fragrances Your Home

Burning Scented Candle

Sometimes a room may feel stuffy.

Despite the fact that you open windows and use air fresheners, you may not be able to retain a pleasant smell for long.

Candles can prove to be a great option to add a lovely fragrance in your home.

There are so many scented candles you can choose from - anything that could possibly come to mind!

There are natural, herbal scents, more woodsy or flowery ones, or even those inspired by food or drink.

There are scents that invigorate the senses, and others that can be associated with masculine aromas or more feminine scents!

Candles are thus great ways to make your house more welcoming not only because of their lighting, but also thanks to their unique, pleasant fragrances and aromas.

Health Benefits

Candles & Reed Sticks Burning

Besides the wonderful scents and the beautiful calming ambiance that burning candles create, did you ever consider the health benefits that can be derived?

In fact, burning candles can be quite beneficial to your health!

It is very important to try to live a healthy lifestyle, and an integral part of this lies on the ability of establishing a sense of wellbeing.

This can be achieved by inducing calm feelings and candles can surely help you to do this.

Burning candles can help you relax, unwind, and get rid of stressful and anxiety feelings that are quite common in the hectic lives we live these days.

Prayer & Remembrance

Remembrance Candles

Candles are considered to be an important part of setting a place where one can feel calmer and more focused while praying.

When you visit churches and shrines, you generally see several candles burning.

This is because many devotees use candles as a way to offer prayer, or their thanks, as well as a sign of remembrance.

Meditation & Relaxation

Woman Meditating with Burning Candles

Burning candles is practically an integral part of setting up a relaxing ambiance where meditation can be carried out successfully.

From visualisation exercises to breathing exercises, candles can help to improve your meditation as you focus on the burning flames and the pleasant aroma.

In fact, during yoga and meditation classes it is normal to have several candles lit up to set the right ambiance for meditation.

Improves Focus

Man Working in Candlelight

Another benefit of burning candles is to improve your ability to focus.

It is common to be unable to concentrate as there are often so many things going on around you, and countless thoughts on your mind.

If you would really like to improve your sense of wellbeing by focusing more and having a clear mind, there is no better way to do this than burning candles.

Improves Mood

Girlfriends Enjoying Candlelit Dinner

If you are looking for a simple way to lift your mood, try lighting up a few candles.

If your mood is not so good due to a stressful day at work, or because you are currently going through a difficult period for some other reason, try to light a candle, look at it, and calm down.

You will be amazed at how much better this simple routine could make you feel.

Besides, candles have an uplifting power thanks to their scents too.

Rosemary, and lemon citrus candles are known to be great to help you calm down and feel much better.

Improves Sleep

Bedside Candles

Having trouble sleeping?

You might be finding it hard to fall asleep, or else you tend to wake up several times during the night.

This will also be negatively impacting your mood throughout the following day.

It is important to try to achieve restful sleep, and candles can help you out.

Evokes Positive Memories

Woman Looking at Her Reflection

When you smell a certain fragrance you often feel catapulted back in time, as you tend to relate certain aromas with events that happened to you in the past.

So scented candles can evoke positive memories and help you remember and reminisce.

This naturally helps you feel better as it is always nice to have certain fond memories and emotions triggered.

Relieves Stress

Candles Burning During Spa

Burning candles can greatly help you to fight stress and anxiety.

Candles have calming properties.

This is twofold, as the flickering light makes you feel calmer as the ambiance is more tranquil, and the particular scent the candle emits also helps to relax you.

In fact, this is one of the primary reasons why candles are used during aromatherapy sessions.

So whenever you feel stressed out and overwhelmed, just try to light a scented candle, sit back and relax.

There are many scented candles that can truly work wonders for stress relief, but some of the most popular scented include chamomile, lavender, bergamot and frankincense.

Obviously everyone will have a few personal favourites of his or her own!

Creates Fun Rituals

Love Your Life Sign

Candles are practically synonymous with rituals, and not only for religious ones.

Many people incorporate burning candles as part of their personal rituals at home.

Be it just to set the mood, or to start off a certain procedure such as, burning candles prior to having a bath, before praying, or when setting the table for dinner.

There are particular moments where family rituals include burning one or more candles, and it is a really pleasant aspect of life, which encourages family time, a calm ambiance and general wellbeing.


So as you can see, the list of benefits associated with burning candles is very long and varied.

Burning candles can help you improve your life in various ways.

They improve your wellbeing, relieve stress, and make you benefit from improved sleep, moods and general health.

We suggest you give it a try - start burning candles and your life is bound to improve considerably.

It is a simple act, and yet the positive effects are endless!

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